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Plant Classified Based Complete Their Life Cycle

Growlh and Development Processes on Plant Growth and development are two different terms. Growth is the process by which a plant increases in size and weight; it is irreversible and can be measured quantitatively. Development is the process of a plant changing in  shape (morphogenesis). It is not a measurement so it canot be measured quantitavely.

Plants grow as long as they live. Based on the time period used to complete their life cycle (seedling, flowering, young, mature), plants are classified into as follows.

Annual plants. Plants which complete their life cycle less than a year. For examples, morning glory rice, and wheat.

Biennial plants. Plants which complete their life cycle in more or less than two years. vegetative growth occurs in the first spring or summer, and then it is continued with the formation of generative reproduction system (flower and seed) in the second spring or summer. For examples, sugar beet and carrot. 

Giant sequonia tree is perennial plant which approximatly 2.500 years old

perennial plants. Plants which complete their life cycle for several years. For examples, woody plant, bush, and some grasses.

Growth and development always occur at the same time. on both processes, cell division, cell size enalargement, and cell differentiation occur. in the phase of cell differentiation, cell characteristics change according to their function. we can learn all the three phases on several stages of plant life. For example, on the stage of early growth and development (development of embryo, germination), primary growth, and secondary growth.

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