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Anaerobic Respiration (Fermentation) And Alcohol Fermentation

Anaerobic Respiration (Fermentation)

Anaerobic respiration does not require free oxygen' Respiration with the absence of oxygen is also known as fermentation. Just like aerobic respiration, fermentation also begins with the process of glycolysis in which glucose is converted into 2 pyruvic acid molecules, 2 NAD , and 2 ATP. Then, every pyruvic acid molecule is ready to enter fermentation Process

There are two examples of fermentation, alcohol fermentation and lactic acid fermentation.

Alcohol Fermentation

Alcohol Fermentation Process

Alcohol fermentation has been known and done by many people Since thousands years ago. The process usually uses yeast cells (single cell fungi) to produce a product. The microorganisms convert sugar Into pyruvic acid through glycolysis pathway. The pyruvic acid is then Converted into ethanol (ethyl alcohol, 2 carbon compounds) and CO2. In bread production, the bubbles from C02, cause the bread rise. 

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