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Lactic Acid Fermentation


Aerob respiration- Lactic Acid Fermentation

Generally, the lactic acid fermentation is done by bacteria.  In certain Activity,  lactic acid fermentation  can also occur  in our muscle cells. For Example, when we sprint our muscles, it is required a large amount of Oxygen to obtain more energy. When these muscles lack of oxygen, the muscles  begin using lactic acid fermentation  to obtain  energy However, the amount of energy produced is not as much  as the energy produced in An aerobic  respiration.

Fermentation  may cause  lactic acid accumulation  in muscle. In this Condition,  the muscle becomes cramp and pain. Generally, the  feeling will soon disappear when  the muscle  cells get enough oxygen.

It can be concluded  that  in anaerobic  respiration,  the  last hydrogen acceptor  is ethanol  or  lactic acid instead of oxygen. Energy produced  from anaerobic respiration  is 2 ATP from each of glucose molecule, which is less than the energy  resulted  from aerobic respiration.  Look at the following Table


source: Life: The science of Biology, 2003.

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