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Conventional Biotechnology And Modern Biotechnology

Conventional Biotechnology 

conventional  biotechnology  is a biotechnology  practice  conducted  by
using simple method  and  instruments,  without genetic manipulation. It has
been done since  thousands  years ago to produce many  kinds of products,
such as beer, wine, tuak,  sake, yogurt,  bread, cheese, soysauce,  tempe,
tapai, and oncom.

a. Kecap, b. Tahu, c. tempe are the product of conventional biotechnology

Modern Biotechnology

Modern biotechnology is a biotechnology  practice  developed with
genetic manipulation  technique,  in which  transfer  of genetic material
(transfer  of gene) from one  living organism to the other occurs. Through  this
technique,  human can control the production  according  to his desire. For
examples,  the production  of pest and disease resistant  plants,  imperishable
fruits, and cattle which are able  to produce more milk.

In genetic manipulation process, organisms whose body contains
foreign  gene  are called transgenic  organisms. They can be  transgenic plant,
transgenic  animal,  and  transgenic  bacteria.

Example: Modern Biotechnology

Source: Essential Biology, 2006

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