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Genetic Manipulation - Plasmid And Enzyme


Plasmid  is a double DNA molecule  in a ring shape  that only exists
in bacteria.  In genetic manipulation  activity, plasmid  functions  as vector
(vehicle) used  to transfer and duplicate  foreign genes.
Plasmid, a bacteria cell part that has important roles in genetic manipulation activity


The  two kinds of enzyme  involved  in genetic manipulation  process are as follows.
  1. Restriction endonuclease  enzyme  functions  to cut DNA chain, so that it is called biology  scissors. This enzyme  has abilities  to recognize and cut specific nucleotide series  in DNA.  !
  2. Ligase enzyme  functions to adhere DNA  fragments. Look above Picture

Mechanism  in the enzyme's work.  Nucleotide  series known as restriction enzyme,  sticky end' motecule  of ecombinant  DNA

source: Essential Biology, 2006

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