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Rhizopus on Bread and Rhizopus Structure


Have you ever observed moldy bread? The mold on the bread is a type of fungi from the group of Zygomycota.

The body of Zygomycota is composed of hyphae that lack septum. Some part of hyphae differentiate into sporangium that is supported by the sporagiophore (figure). Sporangium spore. Sexual reproduction produces vegetative walled and black zygosporangium (plural: zygosporangia). Zygomycota refer to the fungal sexual reproduction system. They do not have fruiting bodies

Habitat Zygomycota

Zygomycota mostly lives as saprophytes on terrestrial region, food, or the remains of living organism. Some are also found living as parasites that cause disease in humans and plants. Other live in a mutualistic symbiosis as lichens or mycorrhiza.

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