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How To develop The Use Of Microorganisms


Have you ever wondered why pimples or acnes appear when you start puberty? Or have you ever thought of what happen to your heart during exercise? What about where honey come from? What makes mangoes smell different to durian? Biology can answer those sort of questions

Biology is the study of life the term comes from greek words bios that means life and that logos that means study or knowledge why do we need to study about life?

Biology affects our daily lives, environment, the food we consume, and the disease that attact us. Understanding biology can help us to.

  1. Understand ourselves and the life around us.
  2. Improve our life quality, in using natural resources for our daily needs, preventing disease, and developing new ways of using other organisms;
  3. Giving positive effects to the environment such as conserving natural habitat, preserving endangered species, and reducing the effects pollution.
Biology can help us to develop the use of microorganism

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  1. Yes, you are right. Biology can help us to develop the use of Microorganism. So will biology to the microbiology.