Senin, 16 November 2015

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Animal Farming

Biology Plays a major part in the development of production of farm animals. Here are some example of the use of biology in animal farming.

  1. Artificial insemination is developed by the advancement of animal anatomy, physiology, genetics, and embryology. This technique aims for obtaining carttle with high quality and increased production.
  2. Development of in vitro fertilization; in this technique, embryo is produced ex-uterus (outside the womb) of the female parent. Before embryos are implanted (attached to the uterus inner wall of the female cattle), they can be stored for a period of time liquid nitrogen of-196-C. Cattle can than be selected based on the best embryos, rather than replying on random mating to occur. In this way only the best cattle are selected to breed each time, thereby improving the overall quality of the herd. 

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