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Incest Formula of Hardy-Weinberg Law

Incest is included in inbreeding. Genotype frequency for such case can be calculated by using

Formula of Hardy-Weinberg Law 

The F Value in variety of incest are as follows

For example, in a random marriage in society, the probability of PKU case to occur is about I out of 10,000. In accordance to Hardy-Weinberg Law, the genotype frequency is:

If incest between level 1 nephews occur, then the probability of PKU case to occur is

Based on the above examples, we can conclude that the chance of PKU To appear in the marriage between level I cousins is 2.2 times bigger than That in a random or a non incest marriage.

lncest Can Cause Genetic Disease 

The research result indicates that there is a tight correlation between incest occuring in a society and the number of genetic disease case. The more incest occurs in society, the bigger the chance of genetic disease to appear. more  Hardy–Weinberg principle

Source: formula Hardy-Weinbreg disease

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