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Genetic Disease In Human System

Genetic disease is bequeathed from generation to generation. The medication effort conducted toward genetic disease symptoms is called euphonic. Euphonic has an important role in healing anemia genetic disease and in discovering monoclonal antibody. Monoclonal antibody is composed of hybrid cells obtained from the conjugation of plasma cells with myeloma that is produced in a large amount. Myeloma is a white blood cell tumor.

Nowadays, a procedure called gene therapy is widely applied to cure some genetic diseases. In one of the gene therapy methods, the virus that bas been engineered genetically is used as a vector to insert a new gene. The new gene can function well in human cell to produce hormone or protein needed by the body.

If a genetic disease is caused by the abnormality of an enzyme, then the abnormal enzyme can be replaced by the normal one. For example, glucocerebrocidace enzyme is given to the patient of Gaucher disease. Gaucher disease occurs because of the presence of recessive gene in autosome due to the lack of glucocerbrocidace. A person who was born with such case will have long bone size and big lymph.

In general, the genetic disease has various and complicated symptoms. That is why the genetic disease requires more than one treatment.

Example The Medication For Genetic Disease

  1. a child who suffers from cystic fibrosis usually gets pancreas Enzyme to support the food digestion.
  2. a surgeon will also Conduct lung transplantation to save the patient.
  3. sicklemia anemia sufferers generally receive medicines To overcome pain and anemia as well as to prevent infection
They probably Receive blood transfusion to increase the amount of red blood cells in their Body in order to be normal. Several patients can also be helped by bone Marrow transplantation. more genetic disorder

source: Genetic disease and disorder human system

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