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6 Classification of Enzyme

The Classification of Enzyme. Based on the work site, enzyme can be distinguished into two types, endoenzyme (enzyme that works inside the cell/extracellular enzyme) and exoenzyme (enzyme that works outside the cell/extracellular enzyme)' Meanwhile, based on the work method, enzyme can be classified into six 

types as follows.

  1. Oxidoreductase is necessary to catalyze oxidation or to reduce reaction of a substance. For examples are the enzymes of dehydrogenase and oxidase. 
  2. Transferase is necessary to catalyze the transfer of one molecule to another. For examples are the enzymes of transaminase and kinase. 
  3. Hydrolase catalyzes product formation with the help of water (hydrolysis). For examples axe the enzymes of lipase, amylase, and peptidase. 
  4. Lyase catalyzes the removal or formation of C-C, C-N, C-O, or C-S bonds from a substrate by means other than hydrolysis. For examples are the enzymes of pyruvate dekarboxylase and oxalate dekarboxylase. 
  5. Somerase catalyzes the structural rearrangement of a molecule due to the isomeration in the molecule. For examples are the enzymes of isomerase and mutase. 
  6. Ligase catalyzes the joining of two molecules by forming a new chemical bond of C-O, C- S, C-N, or C-C and it requires the breaking down of ATP. For example is the enzyme of synthetase.

Each enzyme has its specific name. The naming of enzyme is done:
  1. based on the substrate or reaction that is catalyzed by the enzyme and
  2. by giving-ase suffix for the name of the enzyme
source: Essential, Biology, 2006.

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