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Respiratory Disorders In Human


Respiratory Disorders

The following are some of respiratory disorders in human

  1. Sinusitis is an infection in sinus. This can occurs if nasal tract toward sinus is blocked
  2. Tonsillitis is an infection in tonsil that generates inflamantion and swelling. The inflamantion and swelling occur at the opening of pharynx which is called tonsil. If it occurs on nasophaynx wall then it is called adenoid.
  3. Laryngitis is an inflamantion in larynx that causes hoarce voice.
  4. Acute bronchitis is an infection in bronchi that usually begins with infection on upper part of respiratory tract caused by virus then it is followed by bacteria infection.
  5. Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by virus and bacteria that causes bronchi and alveoli contain a lot of fluid. The condition affects the gas exchange process
  6. Tuberculosis (TB) is a lung infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria.
  7. Chronical bronchitis is caused by the blockage of lungs by mucus so that air supply to lungs is disturbed. h. Emphisema is a lung disorder which is signed by the damage of alveoli wall so that the gas exchange ability lessens.
  8. Asthma is a disease that affects bronchi and bronchioles and has a symptom of difficult in breathing, shortness of breath, and cough. Bronchi and bronchioles are very sensitive to dust, smoke of cigarette, industrial smoke, pollen, and animal fur.
  9. Lung cancer affects mostly men than women. One of the causes is smoking for a long period.

One of the technologies in respiratory system to overcome respiratory disorders is a respiratory device called emerson respirator or metal lungs. It is a kind of an air tight cupboard made of metal in which there attaches a pump to change the air quantity and pressure. The device functions as artifical respiratory organ, and it is generally used when respiratory muscles are heavily damaged.

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