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Treatment On The patient Of Excretion System Disorder

Treatment on the Patient of Excretion System Disorder Nowadays, there are some modern therapies to help kidney failure patients, which are hemodialysis and kidney transplantation.


Dialysis (hemodialysis) is a method to replace kidney’s function. In dialysis device for patients with normal heart, the blood pumping can use dialysis device, whereas for patients with abnormal heart, the device is equipped with blood pump device.

Kidney Transplantation

The failure of kidney transplantation often occurs because the blood and tissues of the donor do not match with those of the recipient. Nowdays, the unmatch of tissues is overcome by the discovery of cyclosporine that can prevent the risk of tissue rejection.

The ideal kidney for kidney donor has several characteristics, such as it must be from a donor who is less than 70 years old, it mush still function well, and it must be free any disease.

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