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Human Excretory System Disorders


Several disorders in Human excretory system are as follows.

  1. Diabetes incipidus is a condition when a person excreates a large amount of urine caused by ADH hormone deficiency. 
  2. Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by high concentration of sugar in blood that causes the urine contain sugar 
  3. Albuminaria is a disease characterized by the presence of protein and albumin in urine due to the damage of glomerulus. 
  4. Nephritis is a disease caused by infection in nephron. 
  5. Edema is a disease caused by water accumulation in intracellular space. 
  6. Uremia is a condition characterized by urea accumulation in blood. 
  7. Polyuria is a condition characterized by the excessive amount of dilute urine caused by nephron failure to conduct reabsorption. 
  8. Kidney stone is a calcium residue in kidney cavity, kidney track, or urinary bladder. 
  9. Anuria means nonpassage of urine. 
  10. Kidney failure is a failure of kidney in doing its functions.

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