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General Guidance of Balanced Nutrition

General Guidance of balanced Nutrition, The suggested food arrangement is the one that guarantees the balance of nutrient . A menu is a food arrangement that is eaten by someone for one time or for an entire day. For Example, breakfast menu consists of rice, tempe, spinach, and a glass of milk

A balanced menu is a menu consisting of various type of food in proper amount and proportion to fulfill the nutrients needed by someone. The formula of 4 health 5 perfect is an old formula of balanced menu. It consists of staple food, side dish, vegetables, fruits, and milk (dietary product).
  1. Group of staple food consist of cerealia (rice, wheat and corn), tuberous root (potato, cassava, and sweet potato), and sago. 
  2. 2. Group of side dish. A proper side dish consist of a mixed side dish of animal (meat, fish, and egg) and plants (nut). 
  3. 3. Group of fruits. Generally, fruit is source of vitamin A and C, potassium, and fiber. 
  4. 4. Group of milk and dairy product, i.e. chesse and yoghurt. Milk contains hight protein level, calcium, phosphor, vitamin A, and viamin.

Thee formula of 4 health 5 perfect is then completed into General Guidance of balanced Nutrition. The suggested food arrangement is the one that guarantees the balance of nutrient. The food material is classified based on the three main fuctions of the nutrients as follows
  1. Source of energy, such as grains, starch, tuberous roots, sago, and banana. 
  2. Source of regulator, such as vegetables and fruits 
  3. Source of builder substances, such as fish, chicken, egg, meat, milk, nuts and the derivation product, such as tempe, tofu, and oncom.

source: The formula of 4 health 5 perfect

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