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Mineral Substance Required By Body


Mineral substance required by body is classified into two groups, micro element and macro element. Macro element is required by body in large amount, while micro element is required only in small amount.

minerals human body

Mineral is a material that is important for maintaining body function as a whole. However, the excessive mineral consumption can poison the body.

The Kind Of Micro Mineral
Minerals Zinc (Zn) Functions Protein synthesis, healing wound, development and growth of fetus, immunity. Sources Meat, legumes, grains. Effects of Deficiency Slow wound recovery, myopia, diarrhea, weak body.

Iron (Fe) Functions Hemoglobin synthesis. Sources Grains, meat, green vegetables, liver, egg yolk. Effects of Deficiency Anemia, degradation of physic and mental, degradation of reaction and coordination, difficulty to focus.

Copper (Cu) functions Hemoglobin synthesis. Sources Meat, nuts, legumes Effects of deficiency Anemia, impair grow in children.

Lodium (I) Thyroid hormone synthesis Sources Iodium salt, sea food. Effects of Deficiency Goiter, cretinism, thyroid gland enlargement and fat in adult.

Selenium (Se) Part of antioxidant enzyme. Sources Seafood, meat, egg. Effects of deficiency Damaging of blood vessel, causing cancer.

Manganese (Mn) Part of enzyme. Sources Nuts, green vegetables, cereal. Effect of deficiency weak body and disorder.

Calsium (Ca) Functions strengthening bone and teeth, conduction nerve impuls, muscle contraction. Sources Milk, green vegetable, especially cassava leaves, fish, shrimp. Effects of deficiency Impair growth in children, osteoporosis in adult.

Phosphor (P) Component of bone and soft tissue growth, part of phospholipid, ATP, and nucleic acid. Sources Meat, milk, sunflower seeds, supplement. Effects of deficiency Weak body and join disorder.

Potassium (K) Functions Conducting nerve impuls, muscle contraction sources some fruits, vegetables, bran. Effects of deficiency Paralysis, heart failure resulting death

Sulphur (S) Stabilizing protein, neutralizing poison substances Sources Meat, milk, legumes.

Natrium (Na) Resisting nerve impuls, controlling pH balance and body liquid. Sources Salt Effects of Deficiency weak body, fatigue, lost of appetite

Chloride (CI) Controlling acid alkhaline balance source salt

Magnesium (Mg) part of some enzymes in nerves, muscle contraction, protein synthesis. Sources Grains, green vegetables. Effects of Deficiency Kidney failure, spasm, personality change.

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