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Gametogenesis Oogenesis and Spermatogenesis

Gematogenesis occurring in animal and human cells is known as Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis. Spermatogenesis  is a process  of sperm Formation. It produces  4 sperm cells from 4 daughter  cells of meiosis.

is a process  of egg cell (ovum)  formation. Oogenesis only Produces 1 egg cell of four possible daughter  cells.  In this case, another  3 Daughter cells undergo  degeneration  and shatter.

Gametogenesis.  (a) 0ogenesis and (b) spermatogenesis.
Gametogenesis  of plant cells is known as microsporogenesis and macrosporogenesis.  Microsporogenesis  is a formation process of male sex cell, white macrosporogenesis  (megasporogenesis)  is a formation  process of female  sex cell.

Meiosis of plant cell becomes  important because  it can maintain  the number of chromosome of organism  to remain diploid. It means when a male sex cell and  female  sex cell, each of which  is haploid, merges,  it will produce diploid organism.

The importance of meiosis. Because of meiosis, every organism born remains diploid.
Based on the explanation  above,  it can be concluded  that in meiosis, there occurs chromosome  reduction.  Cell that has 2n chromosome  (diploid) changes  into n chromosome (haploid).  Therefore, meiosis  is also  known as  reduction division.

Source: Essential Biology, 2006.

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