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Protein Synthesis - Biological Central Dogma

Protein synthesis, Protein synthesis is a process to synthesize amino acid in polynucleotide chain. Information encoded in genes determines the final expression of amino acid sequence  in polynucleotide.

Biological  Central  Dogma

The correlation between DNA and RNA in heredity, cell structure, and Cell activities are summarized in central dogma concept. The concept can be interpreted  as "the source  of all information"  ' It can be noted  in the Following scheme.

The scheme of central  dogma

The concept above  explains  that  the primary  key  in protein synthesis is DNA,  the genetic material of a cell. The arrow directing leftward means that the DNA  is able  to reproduce  itself  through replication.  The Arrow directing  rightward  means that  the DNA  is able to monitor RNA Synthesis (through transcription process) and protein synthesis  (through translation  process).

Protein synthesis involves transcription and  translation processes.

DNA replication occurs in the cell nucleus  when  preparing mitosis and meiosis  divisions. Without  replication,  the daughter  cell will not obtain any  information  required  to continue its life. The result of transcription process  is the information of dRNA strand which is the copy of DNA strand.

Source. Biology. Concepts & Con nections, 2006.

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