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Gene is Located Inside Chromosome

Gene  is located  inside chromosome  on specific  location  called  locus.
Gene has alternative  form or other form which is known as aIIeIe. Gene
and allele are represented  by capital  and lowercase  Latin  letters.  So, gene
also has pair  just like chromosome.

Gene location in chromosome. Gene and allele are symbolized by capital and lower case letter. Both of them can be found in specific location (locus)

a pair of homologous chromosomes

gene  in locus

a pair of alleles of a gene  in  locus

three pairs of genes (in  three  locus) or three pairs of alleles

The term of gene was first stated by W. Johannsen  in 1909. Prior  to
that, Mendel, de Vries,  and Tshemark  called  it as X factor. Based on their
research, the X factor was considered  to be very  important  in controlling
heredity process.

Gene  is a series  of nitrogen base  triplet within  DNA strand. A series of
triplet will encode one polypeptide  chain which then will be the part of
one enzyme or other protein. The gene is able to manage all metabolism
processes  and determine various  characteristics  or traits (such as eye
color, nose  shape,  and hair type).

Gene is composed  of genetic material with chemical  messages. Gene
can be bequeathed  from one generation  to another  so  that offsprings  may
have some  similar  characteristics with their parents.

Source: Biology. The Unity and Diversity of Life, 2004.

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