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3 Theory Of cell With Scientists


When We analyze an organism’s body, for example mango plant, we will see part of the plant that get smaller and smaller. The same thing happens if we analyze animal or human body. If the analysis is continuously done, we will get the smallest unit of living organism, That is cell.

Theory Of cell

Robert Hooke and the microscope use to analyze cork cell
Robert  Hooke (England, 1635-1703) was the first person introducing cell term in his book, Micrographia (1665). He examined cork cut from stem of cork oak, Qoercus suber, using his own designed microscope. In the cork cut, There were rooms or small chamber separated by thick wall having honeycomb shape. He named the rooms cells.

At the end of 1678, Antony van leeuwenhoek (Dutch, 1632-1723 ) become the first person who saw a very small living organism in straw soak by using a simple microscope.

In 1809, Jean Babtiste de lamark (French, 1744-1829) said that every living organism was composed of cells and in each cell there moved complex liquid. 

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