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Transport Mechanism On Plasma Membrane Diffusion System And Osmosis System


  • Diffusion

Diffusion in the process of substances transfer from higher concentration solution (hypertonic) to lower concentration solution (hypotonic) so  that the concentration of both solution becomes equivalent ( isotonic). Diffusion process is trough affected by plasma membrane.
Some ions and molecules, such as glucose, amino acid, fatty acid, and glycerol have slow rate of diffusion, while the electric charge molecule and dissolve lipid have faster rate, Few diffusion process in
Cell is assisted by carrier substance in the form of protein (carrier protein) residing inplasma membrane. This type of diffusion is called facilitated diffusion.

  • Osmosis

Osmosis is the Diffusion of water or solved from hypotonic to hypertonic solution by passing through semipermable membrane. Every living organism has organism has semipermeable membrane system. Therefore, it is possible if osmosis always occurs in life system of organism.

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