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Structure and Function Of Cell Organelle Vacuole

Vacuole or cell cavity is a cavity or sack containing liquid that is surrounded by a layer of membrane. Animal cell has smaller number and size of vacuole that plant cell. Vacuoles that exist in animal cell are:

  1. Contractile vacuole, which function in maintaining osmotic pressure of cytoplasm and
  2. Non-contractile vacuole which function in digesting food (food vacuole).

Plant cell has large size of middle vacuole and is surrounded by tonoplast membrane .
Which has several function as follows.
  1. Establishing cell turgor.
  2. Containing antocyanin pigmen.
  3. Containing hydrolytic enzyme that can perform as lysosome when the cell is still alive.
  4. Becoming a storage site of metabolism waste, e.g calsium oxalate crystal, alkaloid, amd tannin. In   particular plant species, it becomes a strorage site for latex (secret). Special cell having vacuole for storing latex is called laticifer.
  5. As food storage for cytoplasm. E..g surcrose and dissolved mineral salt.

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