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Structure And Function Of Cell Organelle Lysosome

Lysosome is an organelle with buble shape containing various enzymes. The organelle is covered by one layer of membrane. Lysosome can be found in almost every eukaryotic cell. In plant cell, the organelle that has similar function as lysosome is middle vacuole.

Enzymes in lysosome are hydrolytic digestive enzymes, such as protease, nuclease, lipase, and phosphatase. The enzymes are formed by rough ER and then sent to Golgi complex.

Lysosome plays role in molecule decomposition by endocytosis, ectocytosis, autophage, and autolysis. Autophage is an elimination process of unwanted structures. Autolysis is a cell lysis( destruction ) due to destive enzyme’s work. Endocytosis and ectocytosis will be discussed further in mechanism of substance transport in cell membrane.

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