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Animal Organ And Use Of Knowledge On Animal Tissues

2012 Animal organ and use of knowledge on animal tissues

Based on its location, animal organ can be distinguished into two types, namely inner organ and outer organ. The example of inner organ are lungs, heart, gastric, lymph, liver, pancreas, and intestine, whereas the example of outer organs are hands, leg, and nose.

Some animal organ will collaborate to do particular function and form organ system. Within animal and human body there are several organ system, some of which are digestive system, some of which are digestive system, respiratory system, excretion system, circulatory system, skeleton, movement, endocrine, coordination, and reproduction.

Use knowledge on Animal tissues can be used to treat tissue (organ). The tissue (organ) damage occurs a lot on burn victim.

Burn injury is a skin trauma caused by extreme temperature. There are five causes of burn injury, such as exposure to fire, hot liquid, chemical substance electric, and hot objects. First and second degree burn injury can be treated by soaking the wound into cold water or ice. In the case of an extensive burn injury, the treatment process can be done through skin transplantation.

Skin transplantion is performed by talking the skin from the part of body and plant it on the damage area. The donor skin can be from another part of body of the patient himself on from family member of the patient who has similar blood type.

Test your self

1. Mention the difference between smooth muscle, striated muscle, and cardiac muscle?
2. What is the function of connective tissue?
3. Explain the three types of cartilage tissue?

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  1. Fibroblasts are the tissue cells that boost the healing process. They exist in bodies, but only when there is a tissue injury, will they move the parts need them and began to function.