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Bone Disorders in Movement System

The human movement system may have problem, either disease, abnormality or movement organ damage. Some example of disorders in human movement system are as follows.

Bone Disorders
Several kinds of bone disorders are as follows.

  1. Fracture is a bone fracture condition due to hard crash.
  2. Rachitic is a disorder in bone formation due to vitamin D deficiency. As a result, bone becomes flexible and even gets easily bent or shortened.
  3. Osteoporosis is a bone crater condition due to calcium deficiency.
  4. Nercrosis ia a damage in bone periosteum membrane.
  5. Kyphosis is a backbone disorder, so that the suffere has hunchback.
  6. Lordosis is a backbone problem because bone bends to the rear.
  7. Scoliosis is a backbone disorder because the bone bends to the righ and left sides and looks like the letter S.
  8. Osteosarcome (bone cancer). Several bone cencer cases are caused by the infectious tumor that comes up directly inside bone or joint called sarcoma.
  9. Paralysis is the damage in epiphysis disc due to syphilis bacteria infection which attackes a baby before birth. As a result, the bone is powerless.

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