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Smooth Muscle, Skeletal Muscle And Heart Muscle

Types of muscle Tissues
The muscle tissues can be classified into three types, smooth muscle, striated muscle, and heart muscle.

Smooth Muscle

The smooth muscle contracts without conscious because it is not influenced by the central nervous system, so it is often called involuntary muscle. The smooth muscle has spindle shape with sharp end, long fiber, and each cell has a single central nucleus.

The contraction stimulation comes from the autonomic nervous system, The smooth muscle can be found in skin, internal organs, reproductive system, main blood vessel, and excretory system.

Skeletal Muscle

The striated muscle or skeletal muscle is composed of a group of myofibrils. The muscle fibers are cylindrical, elongating and multinucleated.

The striated muscle work under the influence of central nervous system or under conscious control. Therefore, the skeletal muscle is often called as voluntary muscle.

Generally, at both ends of the skeletal muscle, there is a small and tough band called tendon which is a mass of fibrous connective tissue attaching muscle to skeleton (bone). The tendon that attaches on the moving bone is called insertion, while the one attaching on steady bone is called origo. In the middle of swelling striated muscle, there is a part that can contract and elongate called ventricle.

The striated muscle’s is contraction generates movement in various bones and cartilages in the body skeleton. The striated muscle composes the most parts of human body.

Heart Muscle

The heart muscle is the largest composition of human heart. The cells of heart muscle have elongating and hindering fibers, but they are incomplete; they also have nucleus cell in the center and fibers that branch off in the interconnection of its cell.

The heart muscle works unconsciously (involunteer). The stimulation source comes from the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic stimulation has a function to slow down or to accelerate heart contraction.

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