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Epithelia Tissue Types

Epithelia Tissue Types

Epithelium is divided into two groups based on its structure and function, lining epithelium and glandular epithelium.

Lining Epitheliu Lining epithelium is composed of several layers which cover the body surface, body cavity, or tube which is connected to body surface. The epithelium also function for protection and absortion. It is devided into several types.

  1. Based on location There are four types of epithelium, namely epidermis (the outermost body surface), endodermis (the inner lining of body cavity), endodermis (the inner lining of body cavity), endothelium (enclose the hollow organs), and mesothelium (lining the body cavity).
  2. 2. Based on the Number of Tissue Layer The epithelial shape based on the shape and the number of layer of ground tissue can be seen in the following Table


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