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Structure Of Plant Organ Cortex And Endodermis


Cortex of root consist of multiple layer of cell with thin walls. The cell are loosely arranged so they have many intercellular spaces. The cell often contain starch as food storage or even crystal.

Indodermis consists of one layer cell that is tightly packed packed without intercellular air space, located in the innermost layer of cortex. Young cell of endodermis have thin and semipermeable walls.
Endodermal cell wall undergoes cork thickening. A bandlike endodermis cell with thickened cork is called Casparian strip. The thickened cork enters the vascular cylinder through passage cell, which are non lignified cell in endodermis.
Stele (vascular Cylinder)

Stele is located in the innermost of endodermis. It consist of several tissues, as follows.
a. Perichyle (pericambium), which is the outer layer stele.
b. Vascular bundle, which consists of xylem and phloem on alternating radii.
c. Pith, which is the tissue between vascular bundle that consists of parenchyma tissues.

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