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Bone Shape Human And Vertebrates

Bone shape

Bone has some shape types as follows.

a. Pipe bone (long bone )
has pipe-like structure and round end which is called ephysis. Most epiphysis is composed of spongy bone. Generally, epiphysis contains hyaline cartilage layer, which is a connection site of bones (joints). The middle part of pipe bone contains fatty yellow bone marrow. The example of pipe bone are thigh bone (femur), upper arm bone (humerus), forearm bone (radius), elbow bone (ulna), shank bone (tibia ) and calf bone (fibula).

b. Flat Bone

Flat bone has a plate-like shape. This bone is necessary to protect organs beneath and as an attachment site for muscle. The examples of flat bone are skull (cranium), ribs, chest bone (sternum), and shoulder blade (scapula). 

c. Short Bone
Short bone has a short size with round or cube-shaped. The bone located in joint has function to reduce vibration due to jolt. The example of short bone are wrist bones and ankle bones.

d. Sesamoid Bone 

Sesamoid bone is a small bone with seed-like shape. This bone can be found inside tendon that connects bone with muscle. The example of sesamoid bone is patella. 

e. Irregular Bone
Irregular bone has irregular shape. The example of this bone are vertebrae (spine), maxilla, bones, and coxal bone.

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