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Skeletal System Formation

2012 Skeletal System Formation
Human skeleton is completely formed at the end of the second month of embryo (fesus) development. The fetal skeleton is still made up of cartilage.

During childhood, cartilage gradually turns into bone through the activity of osteoblast wich is called assification. A newborn baby has more then 300 bones, but few bones will disperse when the baby grows up.

There are two types of bone formation process (ossification) as follows.

  1. Chondral ossification is the formation process of bone originating from cartilage. For Example, pipe bone and short bone.
  2. Desmal ossification is the bone formation process from messenchyme tissue membrane. For example, in flat bone.

During childhood and teenager, bone tissues are mostly stored rather than decomposed, so that the skeleton grows well, both in size and in strength. In early adolescence age, bone decomposition star to occur slowly to reduce excess material accumulation. In elderly person, the bone tissues will decrease that makes the bone weak and increases fracture rist.

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