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Compact Bone And Spongy Bone

2012 Compact Bone And Spongy Bone

2012 The Skeletal Composition Of human Body Tissue Composition of Skeletal System Human Skeleton is composed of several connective tissue, which are bone, cartilage bone, and fibrous connective tissue.

An adult human skeleton is composed of 206 bones, that almost 14% of the total body weigh.

Types of bones

There are two types of bones, compact bone and spongy bone. a.

The compact Bone
The compact bone comprises of many osteon unists or Haversian system consist of one central canal (haversian canal ) which is surrounded by lamella. Each canal contains blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves.

Bone cells (osteocyte) occupy lacunae cavity within lamella. A microscopic canal (canaliculi) connects between one lacunae and another lacunae and central canal.

Spongy Bone

The internal part of some bones has sponge-like pores called trabeculae. The sponge-like structure is designed to hold pressure from various directions. The hollows between trabeculae are filled with red bone marrow, which is tissue that produces blood cells.The example of sponge bones are hip bone, ribs, chest bone, backbone, and at the end of arm and leg bone.

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