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Components Building Blood And Kinds OF Blood

2012 Components Building Blood And Kinds OF Blood

Blood Blood is a tissue suspended in fluid and conducted through blood vessels. The intercellular substances of tissue comprise plasma (liquid) and solid substances.

The blood plasma makes up about 55% of the blood volume, while the rest is solid substance. Most of the solid substances comprise blood cells, protein, and other solid object. There are three types of blood cells, namely erythrocyte (red blood cell), leukocyte (white blood cell), and thrombocyte (platelete).

Generally, blood function in regulating body temperature and other functions based on the cell type. Erythrocyte is necessary to conduct nutrition and 02 and waste material and CO2 out of the body. Leukocyte is necessary to defend the body against infectious disease. Thrombocyte plays the role in wound healing and blood coagulation.


Lymph is the tissue fluid conducting protein, fat, and other substances from tissues into the blood. Lymph flows is a vessel called lymph vessel that is located in parallel with the vein.

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